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WC Partners Chat - February 2021

Welcome to WC Partners Chat

Letter from the Executive Director

Welcome to February edition of WC Partners Chat. Missouri has met a lot of record-breaking events recently with the weather and I am ready for the warm-up. We have had a great start to our year and look forward to a variety of upcoming events. Please find featured in this month’s Newsletter Agency Spotlight Champion Athletes. Champion Athletes offers a wide range of activities and I know several of you already participate, but if you do not know what Champion Athletes is about be sure to check them out.

I also want to take the time to spotlight Tristan Jones and BBC. Please take a moment to read about Tristan and how BBC does a fantastic job with inclusion. Inclusion is something that we all strive toward for the individuals served by WC Partners and for those we don’t, whether it be in school or the community. It makes me to see how the collegiate level has truly embraced inclusion.

I would like to report that the advisory board now has an official name WC CAPEabilities. The board will be meeting once a month. I want to thank each of the current board members: Joyce Fenner, Chairman, Leann Nystrom, Vice Chairman, Danielle Boggs, Secretary, Brenda Salkil, member, Brenda Nease, member, Jennifer Moore, member, and Clyde Ross, member. If you are interested in learning more about WC CAPEabilities please give me a call.

Katrina Detherow
Executive Director

WC Partners Individual Spotlight

profile closeup of tristan wearing glasses and a red tshirt

Meet Tristan!

Tristan worked with the BBC girls basketball team this season. He helped the coaches and players, and worked out with them some as well. Tristan was great at helping get what the team or coaches needed.

Tristan loves basketball! It was great that they asked Tristan to be part of their team. This was the first year in several years that they had a girls basketball team.

Thank you BBC for making Tristan a part of your team!

WC Partners Agency Spotlight

champion athletes of the ozarks logo

Champion Athletes of the Ozarks provides education, life skills and sports programs to children and adults with disabilities. We are building self-esteem, self-confidence and social skills. We are creating a positive atmosphere, teaching decision-making skills, team skills, appropriate behaviors, and the feeling of success. We are offering classes in reading, basic money, math, storm preparedness, healthy snacking, and fitness. We are offering training and competition in eight different sports. We offer multiple sports clinics and social outings, to develop social skills, make friends and maintain those friendships.

Champion Athletes offers our programs to our individuals at no cost. Each individual needs a sports physical completed by their Doctor and you are ready to train, learn, meet friends, and have fun. Check our website for details or call our office with questions.


Champion Athletes of the Ozarks 1715 S Kansas Ave Springfield, MO 65807 417-890-1599 sqmiles@championathletes.org www.championathletes.org

Learn more about Champion Athletes

Activities at WC Partners

In order to learn more about activities or sign-up, visit our website at https://www.wc-partners.net/activities.

Upcoming Activities/Events:

The next session of Music Therapy will begin March 3rd. Please take the time to sign-up on WC-Partners.com or contact your Support Coordinator. These sessions will continue virtually until we begin to see a continued decline in COVID

More information about Fit Life

Want to get healthy? Having a hard time getting started?

Get moving and have fun – join Jennifer and our New Friends with Making Strides walking club! Beginning April 1st (Thursday) we will meet at the Rotary Park at 11:00 am to 11:30 am for walking and socializing. The club will meet each Tuesday and Thursday for 6 weeks (April 1st to May 11th). Prizes for individuals that attend all 12 sessions. Contact Jennifer Giordano to register (417) 241-3158.

Join a Support Group with Goal Getters – This is a support group that will meet beginning April 1st to May 6th from 3:30 pm to 4:30 pm. (if you work at the Workshop we will see if the bus can drop you off) This group will be limited in size, but don’t let that stop you from signing up. Each week there will be a healthy food option to try. There will be prizes at the end of the 6 weeks. Contact Paula Thompson to register (417) 209-1823.

Goal Getters Weekly Breakdown

Week 1: What do you want? Identifying Goals • Identifying why they really want to lose weight? Because the doctor/family said? Not sure? • What do they want to be able to do once they lose the weight that they can’t do right now?

Week 2: How do you get there? Setting Goals (Realistic) • Making a plan, a measurable plan.

Week 3: What tools do you need? Doctor/Nutritionist, Tracking & Relationships • Talking with your doctor or nutritionist • Finding food tracking apps that help • Finding people who support you

Week 4: How do you start? The 3 P’s- Plan Prepare & Pre-portion • How to make a meal plan • Shopping for a meal plan • Preparing the meal • Pre-portioning the meal

Week 5: What do you do? Portion Sizes • How much should I eat?

Week 6: What Helps? Get moving • Start slow and build up • What do you like to do?

Need to contact your Support Coordinator?

Contact information for all Support Coordinators is available on our website at https://www.wc-partners.net/sc-contact. You can also contact our office at (417) 630-0782 between the hours of 9am and 1pm for assistance.

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collage of individuals participating in wc partners events at christmas time and also in painting activities as well as two support coordinators

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